A fresh start, and a test.

After (admittedly) being so caught up in daily chores that I forgot about this blog, I decided to start it up again. My apologies!

This blog was originally for language learning; I’m studying right now for the N3 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I’ve already missed the registration period for this year’s exam, so I thought taking it next year would give me ample chance to study. The N3 level is the level most recently introduced to the test (between the old Level 3 and Level 2 grades), and I think with a bit of study, I should be able to pass it at the N3 level.

For those who don’t know much about the test, it’s a standardized test measuring Japanese language ability. Now it has 5 levels, from N5 (the simplest) to N1 (near functionally fluent). It’s administered in many different countries, and certificates are issued upon passing a particular test.

But because it’s only offered once a year (as already stated), and only certain major cities offer the facilities for it, it’s been a bit difficult for me to do it until now.

What helps you with your studying? I’m curious!


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