Language Tidbits.

I’m not dead, just resting!

Actually it has been rather busy here in Cloverspace, so I apologize for the lapse in updates.

As for updates: I do translation work, and there are occasionally little tidbits that crop up. For example, I use two words for ‘currency’ – one goes into the actual project, and means more something like ‘currency exchange’, while the other one goes into the documentation and means ‘currency’ or ‘coinage’. If I recall, in Spanish there is a similar differentiation – ‘moneda’ means ‘currency’, but ‘currency exchange’ is something like ‘tipo de cambio’.

It’s the little details.

Speaking of ‘little details’, this one made my day: the new firmware update for the iPod touch/iPhone (3.0) includes new languages and dictionaries, including Arabic, Hebrew, and Romanian.

Are there any languages you would like to learn?


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