Review – TangoTown JLPT 3 Quiz app (iPhone/iPod touch)

First, TangoTown (単語タウン) is an effort by the language specialists Enfour Inc. This is the review of TangoTown’s Level 3 Quiz iPhone/iPod application (Apple Store link).

Here, they take the kanji from the Level 3 listings of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and quiz you on the readings (both on’yomi and kun’yomi, the ‘borrowed Chinese’ reading and the ‘native Japanese’ readings respectively). The idea is to better prepare you for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, especially as the test is only offered once a year.

There are no reviews so far on the Apple Store proper, which is surprising; is there no one studying for the test that has an iPhone or an iPod touch? Because I find this a very useful application, even though I tend to dislike ‘flashcard’ style language learning applications. There are simply too many of these applications. But this is a great review, especially for the kanji readings, and with a very intuitive interface.

However, sometimes there can be multiple answers for the kanji readings – the infamous example being 行く which can be read as either ‘iku’ or ‘yuku’. (I think though that the most common reading is used – there are many kanji that have LISTS of possible readings, after all, and in this case it would be ‘iku’.)

Aside from that, however, this is one of the best Japanese language applications in Apple’s App Store so far.


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